Short jokes from Mother in Law

Short jokes from Mother in Law

For all those who enjoy jokes, and for those who enjoy them more if they are mothers-in-law, we leave you these that you will surely like.


  • How much do you buy from my mother-in-law? - Your mother-in-law? You are welcome. - Okay, deal done.
  • Well, I owe Italy the best moments of my life. -I don't, but my mother-in-law goes every summer.
  • The day I die I want to be buried in the sea. -And why that decision?-Because my mother-in-law threatened to dance on my grave when I die.
  • Two friends: - If it weren't for the mustache, you'd be just like my mother-in-law. - But, if I don't have a mustache ... - But she does.
  • What did you do with the book entitled "How to pass 100 years"? -I put it in the bank safe. I was afraid your mother would see it and read it.
  • A truck has split his mother-in-law in two! - What a horror! And now what do I do with two mothers-in-law?
  • Pythoness: I see in the crystal ball that her mother-in-law is going to die very soon. And don't you see if I will get many years in jail?
  • Do you know that my mother died? -What did he die of? -From cataracts. - Did they operate on her? -No, my husband pushed her.
  • You are accused of killing your mother-in-law and her dog, what do you have to say? That was out of control, I did not want to kill the dog.
  • Manolo, where do you come from? -From the cemetery to bury my mother-in-law. -And how do you come so sad? - The priest has told me that in the next life we ​​will meet again.
  • Well, my mother-in-law saved us in Africa from cannibals. -Did you face them? -No, they ate it first and got poisoned.
  • Hey, what did your mother-in-law die of?
  • Well, he was sewing and he pricked himself with a needle and I had to finish it off so he wouldn't suffer.
  • The mother-in-law from inside the coffin: -Daughter, get me out of here because I'm not dead! Son-in-law: -Shut up ma'am, are you going to know more than the doctor?

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