Halloween special: 13 scary movies for the scariest night

Halloween special: 13 scary movies for the scariest night

"Alien: The Eighth Passenger"

Director: Ridley Scott
Year: 1979
Genre: Science Fiction; Terror

Synopsis: The Nostromo ship returns to earth from the planet Thedus. The ship then heads to the strange planet to investigate the origin of the communication.


Director: Eli Roth
Year 2005
Genre: Gore; Terror

Synopsis: Two young American university students travel through Europe with their backpacks and with Oli, an Icelander who joins them along the way. In Amsterdam they meet another young man who tells them that there is a place in Slovakia where the most beautiful girls that they can imagine are. Upon arrival, the two friends make friends with two exotic beauties, Natalya and Svetlana. The two friends will quickly find themselves in an increasingly sinister situation.

"The ring"

Director: Gore Verbinski
Year 2002
Genre: Horror; Intrigue

Synopsis: American adaptation of the Japanese horror film Ringu. A journalist investigates what she considers an urban legend: a videotape of terrifying images that kills those who view it, seven days after viewing the tape. When 4 teenagers die after watching the tape, Rachel decides to watch it. In doing so, she receives a call in which a female voice warns her: 7 days.

"The silence of the lambs"

Director: Jonathan Demme
Year: 1991
Genre: Psychological Thriller; Intrigue

Synopsis: The FBI is investigating a case of a serial killer of women nicknamed "Buffalo Bill," and they send Clarice, a brilliant young graduate, who aspires to be part of the FBI, to speak with Dr. Hannibal Lecter, to jail with the mission of getting information about the behavior of the subject they are chasing.


Director: James Wan
Year: 2004
Genre: Gore; Terror; Intrigue

Synopsis: Adam wakes up chained inside a room. Next to him, there is another person in chains and among them is a dead man. Neither of them knows why he is there, but they have a cassette with instructions for one of them to kill the other, within eight hours. So the game begins ...


Director: Andrés Muschietti
Year 2013
Genre: Horror

Synopsis: Five years ago, the day her mother was murdered, Victoria and Lilly disappeared into the woods. After years of searching, by his uncle Lucas and his girlfriend Annabel, they are found in a cabin where they have lived in isolation for all of time. The four of them start a new life, but they will soon discover that there is something that continues to protect them.

"Killer candy"

Director: Darren Stein
Year: 1999
Genre: Black comedy; Crime

Synopsis: The three most popular girls at Reagan High accidentally kill the prom queen with a piece of candy. The joke, turned into a tragedy, is discovered by the nerd in the class. To prevent her from betraying them, they make her the head of the group.

"Emily Rose's exorcism"

Director: Scott Derrikson
Year 2005
Genre: Horror; Intrigue

Synopsis: This is a scary movie based on REAL FACTS. Emily Rose, a devout Catholic, leaves her home to go to college. After having several attacks of what she considers diabolical possession, she decides to undergo an exorcism by the priest of her parish, Father Moore. When practicing the exorcism, Emily dies, and the priest is accused of murder. Father Moore will be legally represented by Erin Bruner, an atheist lawyer who will doubt everything from the first moment ...


Director: Brian de Palma
Year: 1976
Genre: Psychological Drama; Terror

Synopsis: This is the eponymous novel by Stephen King. Carrie White is an introverted teenager who lives with her mother, a religious fanatic. In high school, he is the object of teasing and harassment by his classmates. During the graduation party, one of her classmates tries to play a macabre joke on her. What everyone ignores is that Carrie possesses telekinetic powers."Insidious"

Director: James Wan
Year 2000
Genre: Horror; Supernatural Facts

Synopsis: A married couple and their three children decide to move to an old house. But, after an unfortunate accident, one of the children falls into a coma and, at the same time, strange phenomena begin to occur in the house that terrify the family.

"American Psycho"

Director: Mary Harron
Year 2000
Genre: Crime; Terror

Synopsis: Patrick Bateman is a wealthy Wall Street executive. He is practically perfect, like almost everyone in his world and desperately tries to fit into it. Position, money, beauty, youth, he has it all, but Patrick is an unbalanced schizophrenic, and he will have less and less control over his terrible instincts and his insatiable thirst for blood, which drags him into a maelstrom in which objects are worth more than the body and soul of a person.

"The glow"

Director: Stanley Kubrick
Year: 1989
Genre: Horror; Supernatural facts

Synopsis: Jack Torrance is a writer who is not going through his best moment, and accepts a job as a security guard at the Overlook Hotel, an isolated hotel in the snowy mountains of Colorado, which is closed during the winter time, where he moves with his wife and son. Jack intends to find peace and quiet so he can work on his novel. However, at the same time that Jack begins to suffer from disturbing personality disorders, strange and creepy paranormal phenomena ensue.
Although at first this film did not have a great impact and the critics were not very kind to it, over time, it has become one of the classics of horror movies.

"Paranormal Activity"

Director: Oren Peli
Year 2007
Genre: Horror; Supernatural

Synopsis: Katie and Micah are a young couple who see their lives haunted by strange paranormal events. She is a graduating student, and he is a home-based stockbroker. Both have lived in a house for three years, which, initially, was totally normal, but little by little a paranormal activity will invade the house with events that escape from the usual ...

I hope they give you as much fear, as I have had doing this post ...

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