Chi in Feng Shui

<strong>Chi in Feng Shui</strong>

The life force is "Chi" or "Qi" in China, it is called "Ki" in Japan and "Prana" in India.

ElChi is vital energy, Chi flow affects two forces: "Feng" (wind) and "Shui" (water). The Chinese recognize that the landscape and the environment have an influence on the human organism. And they maintain that both are part of the same energy system that drives life (provided by the "Chi" that links spirit with matter)

The FengShui is the tool to recognize and perceive the "Chi" energy of the landscape or houses and if it is necessary to modify them to achieve harmony.

The Chi energy of Feng Shui

How Chi energy flows

When Chi flows unhindered it exerts a positive influence and brings vital energy to everything in its path. Energy circulates imitating the flow of water, arises from a process, starting from the place where the energy is generated (a spring), then flows (through rivers) until it accumulates and stagnates (flows into the ocean) and finally is transformed (evaporated) to return to be born (rain) When it blocks and stagnates or goes very fast it can have negative influences. Feng shui takes advantage of and orients the favorable chi and provides solutions to repair the unfavorable chi.

ElChi on the ground

Feng Shui uses the principles of yin-yang in the field, the yin (feminine) is present in the gently undulating ground and the yang (masculine) is present in the rocky hills and ravines. The ideal ratio between the two is 2: 3 and the most harmonious position of a terrain will be where these two forces meet.

ElChi in a house

The energy flows following certain parameters, with the help of Feng Shui we can know its path and thus modify the energy of our house. Take the main access door to the house, followed by the different orientations as a starting point to analyze Feng Shui and establish the type of energy.

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