Young authors: María José Vigil

Young authors: María José Vigil

Poems that spread the madness of love ...

Poems full of message, full of energy that will make us give the best of our smiles, the most tender words of our heart and the clearest reflection of our feelings.


You are the salt of my life

the one that keeps my love,

gives light to my soul

and heat to the heart.

Every day that I spend

separated from you love,

to steal a breath from the wind,

turn off the sunlight,

empty the seas of water,

is dying a little love.

Can you live by dying?

Or, are they just an illusion?

It is not illusion that I feel

is the force of love

what motivates my senses

and give fire to my passion,

this passion that drowns me,

what a reason,

that you want to feel your body

and be the owner of your love,

imprison you forever

inside my heart

Give me my life back!

I beg you, please

telling me that you love me

and if not .... a single goodbye.


What disease do I have?

How is it determined?

I do not know what it is called

neither if it has cure.

My heart hurts

constantly sighs,

cry heartbroken,

avoces always yells at me:

I need your love!

I need medicine!

It is made up of your kisses,

your words, your caresses,

the tenderness of your hands,

the heat of your smile,

your look in love ...

That one that gives me life!

Contraindications that have:

To love you all my life,

love without conditions,

surrender to your smile,

wanting to touch your soul,

feel your body vibrate

with my kisses, with my desire,

with my passion, with my life,

that madness of love

love is only cured.

Maria Jose Gil

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