Beware of facial makeup!

Beware of facial makeup!

Kids face makeup

The face paint he uses to disguise us could have a much scarier effect than we think

Many of the paintings contain dangerous chemicals, such as lead, nickel, cobalt and chromium, which can cause serious health risks.

Although it must be borne in mind that carnival or Halloween makeup used only once or twice a year, and that not usually significant enough as to pose a serious threat to health. One of the most important factors in toxicology is dose.

We are going to explain some important things that you should keep in mind to enjoy these moments of fun.

Almost half of face paints contain heavy metals

The biggest culprits arepaints with dark pigments which are the ones that contain most of the chemicals and in higher concentrations.

The chemicals that you should control are:

• Heavy metals

Like lead and cadmium. Lead is strongly associated with learning disabilities and developmental problems, while cadmium is linked to breast, kidney, lung, and prostate cancer.

• Toluene

• Parabens

A chemical linked to breast cancer.

• Ethoxylated ingredients

They have been linked to breast cancer.

• Formaldehyde

It is known as a human carcinogen.

Tips for a healthy carnival and Halloween

Face painting is fun, but here are some tips to help you avoid any reaction.

• Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

You should not use products that are not intended for use on the skin. A nail or hair product can cause reactions when it comes into contact with the skin, or when it is near the eyes.

• If the paint has a bad smell, it is best to throw it away and use another. He bad smell may indicate that the product is in poor condition.

• If it is the first time you use a product, the best would be try a small amount on the arm a couple of days before.

• When the party is over, remember that you should avoid going to bed with makeup. Wearing makeup too long can irritate the skin, and can also get into the eyes at night.

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