Apple and Cisco share the name iPhone

Apple and Cisco share the name iPhone

According to an article published on February 22, 2007 on, Apple and Cisco Systems have resolved their dispute, agreeing that they will both be able to use the name iPhone for their respective products. As for the financial terms of the deal, they have not been disclosed.

The dispute began last month when Apple announced that its new iPod-combined mobile phone would be called the iPhone; The reason is that Cisco had registered that name in 2000, when it acquired the Infogear company.

The original application for the name by Infogear dates back to 1996, and Cisco has been producing a series of wireless VoiP phones with that name since 2006. For its part, Apple unveiled its iPhone at the Macworld Expo, held in San Francisco earlier. of year.

For Cisco, Apple's use of the name iPhone was a willful and malicious violation of a trade name it had owned since 2000.
Finally, in a joint statement, Cisco and Apple have indicated that, from now on, both companies will be able to use the iPhone name in their products around the world.

Source: BBC Business

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