The press

The press

Control of the media

Eight years ago, when the Popular party came to power, it began a crusade to control the media in Spain. From the image of a Polanco harassed by Liaño, the maneuvers through large companies in which he placed people very directly related (Telefónica, BBVA ...), through incursions of Italian capital in some group, promoting the "Urdaci" style in the public media, etc.

The current socialist government tries to respond from power with the same strategy, highlighting the tensions and weaknesses that the existing media system in Spain hides today.

The media war

The private media (Vocento, Telecinco, ABC, Recoletos, El Mundo, La Razón, Antena 3, Onda Cero, COPE and Punto Radio) are protesting what they consider to be "favoritism" and "lack of definition" of the Government regarding the future of the sector. Grupo Prisa and Grupo Godó respond to “the informative manipulations carried out by some colleagues” of “Spanish and Italian companies”.

Nobody escapes today the state of confrontation. Even Jiménez Losantos and Del Olmo are staging on the radio waves these days the exchange of strong disqualifications in their programs before listeners who are no longer surprised at anything.

The professionals

Today the credibility of many excellent press professionals is in tatters due to the biases they suffer within the interest environments of the companies to which their media belong. There is no place for informational independence and manipulation grows. There is demotivation and even low self-esteem.

The future of media

The viability of many communication media does not lie in their ability to convince public opinion and attract new “clients”. Large groups see the keys in public subsidies through institutional advertising, official mass subscriptions or third party companies. to ensure the viability of your businesses.

It is a sector strongly affected by different fronts. From free newspapers to blogs, most groups are aware that gaining an audience has become more than an impossible task. And of course, it remains to be in the shadow of a power.

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