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How not to feel envy

How not to feel envy

Bertrand Russell argued that envy is one of the most powerful causes of unhappiness.

Probably you have also felt envy at some time for something or someone, but don't worry, this post will help you control it and make it disappear.

What is envy?

Psychologists consider envy as a feeling of inferiority, leading to guilt and that the person feels for not having attributes that he considers perfect.

The person tries to overcome these deficiencies by developing a superiority complex, acting defensively towards others and trying to hide their real problem: it does not possess or is what it really wishes to have or be.

In addition, there are some personality traits that can lead to a higher probability of feeling envy, such as:

  • egocentricity
  • low self-esteem
  • the wrath
  • the rancor
  • selfishness
  • people who like to be the center of attention
  • people who care too much about the opinion of others
  • people who consider themselves of little value

Envy is born from lack, from lack. Of wanting to possess something that we do not have or be someone that we are not.

We can envy the neighbor for having a nice car, our friend for his excellent job, or the neighbor on the fifth for his brilliant intelligence.
No matter what or whom we envy The important thing is that that feeling of lack of wanting to have or be something that another has or is. This causes in us:

  • dissatisfaction
  • sadness
  • contempt
  • feelings of inferiority
  • frustration
  • low self-esteem
  • not accepted or respected
  • distancing from our friends and family

Before we said that envy is given by the lack of something. If we recognize and express that lack, we can probably manage envy to lead it to a purpose that makes us feel good. Therefore:

  • accept envy as a natural emotion
  • anticipate negative feelings that can stem from envy
  • Be sincere and honest with yourself
  • admit that nobody is perfect
  • do not punish yourself, love yourself as you are
  • accept your limitations and work them to overcome them
  • like yourself and enjoy what you can contribute to others

Keep one thing in mind: You are in the world because you have something unique to contribute, what are you waiting for to show it?

This video will help you with those envy problems that you may have.

I, as always, wait for you in the next one. A big greeting and a hug, Andrea.

IMPORTANT: If you think that you have a problem that you cannot solve yourself, do not hesitate to go to a Psychologist. You can access it through the Social Security Family Doctor, who will refer you to the specialist and will attend you for free.

Video: Jealous Of People Who Have It All? This May Help. (January 2022).