Meaning of name Zenón

Meaning of name Zenón

Zenón masculine name of Greek origin that derives from Zeus (supreme king among the Greek gods), its meaning is "That subject to the god Zeus"

History and the Saint

Saint Zeno, Bishop of Verona Around 362, there is no great information about San Zeno, we can only cite his obstinacy in the persecutions of Arian and Pelagian heretics. According to the legend, a martyred death and 93 sermons of great liturgical value are attributed to him. Patron of Verona and Pistoia; it is also invoked against floods. His saint is celebrated on July 9.

Others San Zenón: San Zenón, martyr is celebrated on February 14, April 5 and 20, June 23, July 9, 10 and 15, September 2, 3, 5 and 8, San Zenón, bishop and martyr is celebrated on April 12 and December 8 ; San Zeno, soldier martyr is celebrated on December 20 and 22 and San Zeno, bishop is celebrated on December 26.

Variant of Zeno

Diminutive: Zeno

Zeno in other languages:

  • Catalan: Zenó;
  • French: Zenon

Famous, historical personalities famous with the name of Zeno:

  • Zeno, Byzantine emperor or Eastern Roman emperor in the 5th century
  • Zeno of Citio, Greek philosopher of antiquity, founder of Stoicism
  • Zeno of Elea, mathematician and philosopher of the Eleatic school, known for his philosophical paradoxes

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