Mobile billing

Mobile billing

Checking in at airports by mobile is already a possibility. Companies are beginning to offer their passengers the ability to avoid queues and check-in by mobile phone.

Following in the footsteps of Air France, KLM has implemented its own billing service including, as of September 4, mobile phone billing.

To this end, the same service that allows passengers to check-in through the Web has also been specially adapted for mobile phones with Internet access and optimized for high-resolution mobile screens.

Simply enter the reservation or electronic ticket code and the flight number and passenger details will appear on the screen. He can then check the seat assigned to him and change it if he wishes. You can also choose to receive a free text message with all your billing details for later reference. To collect the boarding pass, it will be enough to go, finally, to one of the machines or check-in counters at the airport.

KLM also offers the possibility of subscribing to a text message service in the 'My booking' section of the website. Once subscribed, each time they buy a ticket for a KLM flight, the user will automatically receive a text message with direct access to the mobile billing system, facilitating the process.

In the future, it will also be possible to receive the boarding pass on the mobile in the form of a barcode. The passenger will then be able to use said code to board, and the current printed card is not necessary.

Source: KLM

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