UK Investments in Nanotechnology

UK Investments in Nanotechnology

With government initiatives and contributions, the UK nanotech sector will in the future be a powerhouse of new technological advancements.

The government's initial investment will be nearly £ 18 million, for projects related to micro and nanotechnology cutting edge, in an attempt to establish itself as the nerve center of new technological advances.

This will enable a number of nanotechnology companies to exploit the UK's leading scientific achievements in this field and gain a share of the growing Nanotechnology market. The new venture is also attracting more industry and greater territorial investment, projected to drive a future innovative Nanotechnology market in the UK.

These are the initial investments already awarded out of the 90 million pounds that the government intends to allocate to applied nanotechnology research programs and the construction of nanotechnology facilities throughout the country. In the next five years, more investments will be awarded to carry out the project.


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